erin rose bar

Erin Rose bar is a casual meeting place where locals, artists, musicians and tourists mingle in a relaxed atmosphere just a few feet off of Bourbon st. Folks from all kinds of backgrounds meet here and form friendships around differences. Our bartenders have great personalities that help make up the wonderful cast of characters in the bar.

At the Erin Rose Bar we have a great selection of drinks, such as our wide variety of Irish scotch whiskeys, bloody marys, Irish coffee, frozen Irish coffee, and pints of Guinness.

Have some tasty finger foods while watching all your favorite sports, playing VIDEO POKER, or just hang out the big windows where people watch and catch many of the local parades.

Enjoy great music from our fabulous Juke Box, featuring an extensive selection of music from Dwight Yoakam to Bo Diddley to New Orleans' own Morning 40 Federation.

No matter what your preference, proprietors Troy and Angie will make sure your visit is fun and memorable. So come on down to Erin Rose and have a pint with us!


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