Erin Rose’s life began long before she became the lovable neighborhood bar she is today. The property at 811 Conti was originally a single family home built in the French Quarter over one hundred years ago and was converted into a bar by the mid 1950’s.

By the early 1980’s, Mr. Jim Monaghan became the proprietor and placed the management of the bar in several hands before his right hand man became the absolute caretaker. When Mr. Monaghan departed this world in 2001, he left the business to his bar manager and business partner. They proudly took the reigns as sole proprietors of Monaghan’s Erin Rose, and shortly after the "Irish Beauty" became known simply as Erin Rose.

With lots of love, hard work, dedication and attention to detail, the bar became a place where magic happened. The guests that have graced her presence have shared unforgettable moments and built long lasting loves and friendships, which have been vital for giving the bar her joyous life. After all, it’s all about people. Erin Rose is an entity entirely her own, always new-comer friendly, a safe haven and a community. A neighborhood bar in or away from your neighborhood.

Local prices. Local chaos. Local love.